Student License

The Student Licenses fully unlock Flowsquare, and can be obtained free of charge
by those who:

  1. are currently a part-time/full-time student, or
  2. were a student within 3 years.

If you are eligible, fill and submit the following form to request. An email containing an unlocking password will be sent shortly (if you do not receive the email in 24 hours, please check the spam folder and then contact me).

Note that NONE of the information filled below will be used for any other purposes than verifying the provided student card, sending you an unlocking password, and collecting anonymous data for future software development/distribution. Especially, the provided name, Email address, and copy of student card will be deleted from the data base on a regular basis.

A copy of your student ID card. (required, *.jpg, jpeg, png, pdf. max. 2MB)
*The section concerning sensitive private information (your name, student #, etc.) may be blacked out.
 Check before sending the message.*Required