• How should I acknowledge Flowsquare in my publications?
    If you use Flowsquare in your work, I would be grateful if you would acknowledge the software in your publications, on you web page, etc. Here is examples, so you can copy and paste:

    This work made use of Flowsquare, the free, integrated two-dimensional computational fluid dynamics software (http://flowsquare.com).

    Users may cite the Users’ Guide as:

    Yuki Minamoto (2013) “Flowsquare 4.0: Theory and Computation”, (http://flowsquare.com).

    Or simply put the link to this site:


    <a href=”http://flowsquare.com”>http://flowsquare.com</a>

  • Can Flowsquare compute lift and drag?

    Unfortunately no. However, you can estimate lift and drag, using simulation data obtained with Flowsquare and the analysis program (C language) below.

    Download drag-lift analysis program

    This analysis code is tested using this simulation sample.